About Us

Las Vegas de Vilcabamba was developed by Larry Evans and Laurie Miller, two long-time residents of Vilcabamba.

Larry is a lifetime telecommunications professional originally from Huntington, WV, where he was graduated from Marshall University with a degree in Political Science.  He is the father of three sons, Brian, Jeremy, and Jason, all of whom live in Southern California.  While the boys were growing up, Larry was very active as a leader and coach in Pony Baseball and AYSO. His interests include reading, music, dramatic films, and travel.

Laurie was born and raised in Rochester, NY, where she distinguished herself as a competitive figure skater.  She has a BA in English from Columbia University and an MBA in Finance from the Anderson School of Business at UCLA. Also a CPA, she had a successful career in corporate finance before retiring to Vilcabamba.  When not doing community work with the couple´s Fundación One World Vilcabamba, Laurie enjoys reading, photography, and traveling.

After attending an International Living conference in New Orleans in 2002, where they became fascinated with the idea of living in the Andes, the couple arranged a tour of the Ecuadorian Andes a few months later.  Quito, Otavalo, and Cuenca were all very lovely, but it was the Vilcabamba Valley that stole their hearts.  By the third day there, they´d committed to buy the Mollepamba property where they now live.