The vision of the developer is that Las Vegas de Vilcabamba be an affordable multicultural community with access to all basic services, including water, electricity, roads, and internet. Amenities like swimming pools, tennis courts, and horseback riding trails were never part of the vision.




Water rights can be purchased from th Instituto General de Usarios del Sistema de Riego Vilcabamba. Each 1-hectare water right cost $394 plus a $9 monthly charge.


Water from the Instituto, as well as rainwater, are channeled to a reservoir and a purification system located on one of the higher lots. The irrigation water is distributed from the reservoir directly to each lot, and the purified water for household use is distributed via a main line with connections to each lot.  


Each homeowner is responsible for the cost the water lines to his or her lot, and all the homeowners share the cost of maintaining and operating the systems. Those costs typically consist of the electricity for the automated pumps, filtration materials and chlorine for the purification system, and the monthly charge for maintaining the backup system from the Municipality.  The system is managed by an informal neighborhood cooperative.


It is highly recommended that each homeowner have storage tanks for both potable and irrigation water.



The electrical network was installed by the developer to twenty-four of the twenty-six lots, and the remaining two are easily reachable from the adjacent lot. Two of the unsold lots, Lot 3 and Lot 4, are connected to an existing transformer and are provisioned for service.




All lots are accessible by a private road, which is maintained by the homeowners.



All lots have access to internet services from the local provider, Vilcanet.