Long regarded as one of the healthiest places to live on the planet, Vilcabamba, Ecuador now boasts a growing, very diverse international community of residents who appreciate the perpetual springlike weather, fresh air and water, outdoor activities, peace and quiet, and in many cases, the satisfaction and benefits of growing their own natural foods.

Life is just better here. Whether you read, write, make music, play chess, hike, ride horses, cycle, swim, or garden, there´s always a reason to look forward to tomorrow.  The local people are the nicest and most welcoming in all of Latin America and getting to know them is its own reward.

Vilcabamba first gained worldwide attention in the 1950s because of the extraordinary number of centenarians rumored to be living here.  While a closer examination later revealed that many of the supposed centenarians were using their parent´s or even their grandparent´s baptismal certificates as identification, an astonishing number of confirmed "ancianos" remained. Listening to their stories is such a joy and their zest for life is so infectious that you´ll imagine living a hundred years too, and perhaps you will, if you adopt their positive attitude.

Life in Vilcabamba isn´t country club´s better.  It´s life at its most satisfying.